Whatever you want




A sense of immediacy in Thomas’s work observes opinions which like mottos reflect commentaries over social, cultural and political archetypes that reflect a break of faith and trust. Feminism and its consequences, status, historical relevance, capitalism, evolution, sex and visual transcendence are skilfully compiled far and wide over on his writings and artwork showing to the end a juxtaposition of opposing messages that find ground over the contemporary collective conscious.
WHAT EVER YOU WANT is a direct collaboration between the artist and the public, where those who make it to the stacks of blank canvases will be able and imprint what they want’ over their surface, for then these to be hung as the intervened art works they have become, alongside those made by the artist. Its participatory nature undoubtedly touches on many levels and marks questions derived from ideas and structures relevant to historical perceptions over ownership, originality, identity and the roles of art and the artist with the hope
that through this process we will enable a point of progress’ out of the scene through poetry.

Thomas Lelu b.1976 is a French Artist, writer and Film Maker. He has published a series of acclaimed conceptual art books and novels with Leo Scheer, Sternberg Press and notable Onestar Press. He has exhibited his work and performed at Palais De Tokyo, Fondation Cartier, Musee D’Art Moderne in Paris and galleries such as Dominique Fiat, Bugada & Cargnel, Vincenz Sala and Nuke Gallery. It’s his first solo show in London.