littlewhitehead is Craig Little (b. 1980, Glasgow, Scotland) and Blake Whitehead (b.1985, Lanark, Scotland).

Littlewhitehead are children of the 80s: brought up on a diet of video nasties, computer games and the post-industrial landscape of socialist Glasgow. Their sculptures and drawings are the product of a very idiosyncratic and private dialogue. As a result, all of their work is steeped in their very own brand of humor. It is through such humor they manage to negate any particular ideological position, and instead try to foster reflection on many ontological and ideological absurdities. Recent shows include Newspeak: British Art Now at the Saatchi Gallery in London and a solo show at Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art / Sunderland. Littlewhitehead are being included in the upcoming book 100 New Artists by U.K. critic Francesca Gavin. 100 New Artists highlights new themes, media, imagery, and ideas emerging in contemporary art practice. They currently live and work in Glasgow.

Mid West

found images


Courtesy of the artist and Marine Contemporary L.A